Infosys English Test Model Papers

This section deals with English Model Papers. We have updated important questions along with solutions. Practice more model test papers and improve your vocabulary. We suggest the contenders just refer the provided sample papers for reference purpose only.


  1.  misery
  2. indifference
  3. veracity
  4. generosity

Answer: Option 4

Generosity (munificence, large-hoartodness) andtruism are synonyms.


  1. twisted
  2. cunning
  3. irrational
  4. guileless

Answer: Option 4

The words wily (cunning) and guileless are antonyms.

3. We should travel ________ night, as it will be cooler.

  1. in
  2. at
  3. with
  4. by

Answer: Option 1

4. Our cottage by the sea offers many days of relaxation with warm sunshine and soothing ______.

  1. zephyrs
  2. dervishes
  3. stanchions
  4. ebbs

Answer: Option 1

A zephyr is a soft, gentle breeze; a breeze that blows from the west.

5. The seller lowered the prices.

  1. The prices lowered the seller.
  2. The prices were lowered by the seller.
  3. Down went the price.
  4. The prices lowered by the seller.

Answer: Option 2

The prices were lowered by the seller.

6. Choose the correct spelled word out of the given alternatives.

  1. Restaurent
  2. Restaurant
  3. Rastaurent
  4. Rasteraunt

Answer: Option B

7. To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings.

  1. Meditation
  2. Retrospection
  3. Reflection
  4. Introspection

Answer: Option 4

8. Choose the best word in the given passage.

  1. high
  2. varying
  3. no
  4. almost

Answer: Option 2

9. Will those happy days be ever forgotten by us?

  1. Will we ever forget those happy days?
  2. Shall we ever forgot these happy days?
  3. Would we forge these happy days?
  4. Ever shall we forget those happy days?

Answer: Option A

Will we ever forget those happy days?

10. The exhibition committee
(P) attractive and useful
(Q) to make the exhibition
(R) making efforts
(S) has been

  1. SRQP
  2. QPRS
  3. SRPQ
  4. QPSR

Answer: Option 1

11. The match was over. We left for home.
a) Match ———–
b) We left ———–
c) Besides the match ———–

  1. Only B
  2. A & B
  3. B & C
  4. A & C

Answer: Option 2

12. To rise with the lark

  1. to be promoted in position
  2. to order somebody to get out of bed
  3. to be able to deal with a difficult situation.
  4. to be affected by problems or insult
  5. to wake up very early

Answer: Option 5

When you wake up very early, you ‘rise with the lark’ (the name of a bird).

13. Do how I say.

  1.  as
  2. that
  3. like
  4. which

Answer: Option 1

14. Many teachers believe that the easiest way of maintaining order and discipline in classrooms is by instilling fear in the minds of the students. —– Parents too are to blame for this syndrome for they make life difficult for their children by setting unrealistic goals.
(A) Its a pity that often lack in self-confidence.
(B) No wonder they often lack in self-confidence.
(C) It is practically impossible for the teachers to attend to each student’s problems.

  1. A and B
  2. A and C
  3. Only A
  4. All the three

Answer: Option 1

Only statements A and B can Join the two sentences. C is different from them.

15. It was raining heavily. Hence, only few people attended the meeting.
(A) Since it was raining …..
(B) Because it was …..
(C) Therefore few people …..

  1. Only B
  2. B and C
  3. Only C
  4. A and B

Answer: Option 4

A is correct because the word ‘since’ suggests a reason. ‘As’ and ‘because’ are also used to suggest a reason.